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Hair Extensions Maintenance

This is the main part of keeping your hair and the hair extensions in good condition, and this is where people go wrong with hair extensions.

We advise that every 4-6 weeks you should coming into the salon to have a maintenance visit, this gives us the chance to see how you have been getting on with your hair extensions, and to check for any hair damaged caused, hopefully this will be none for you. We also check for any hair matting, and we will also replace any hair extensions you lose on the way, this is available any time here at Charley Brown's Hair and Beauty.

Please be aware you are predicted to lose 10% of your hair extensions throughout having them, but please keep any hair you may lose, and we will re fit it for you.

How much is a maintenance visit?

It is £60 and we give you an hour slot for the visit.

To enquire about prices or make an appointment, please contact us today!

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