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Hair Extensions

Here at Charley Brown's we offer 3 types of hair extension fitting services, we offer nano rings, micro rings and the pre bonded hair extensions.

Nano Rings

We advise Nano rings for people with fine like hair, this may vary depending on what the condition of your hair is like. Due to having fine hair other hair extension methods may not have been available for you in the past, due to the bonds being easily visible through your fine hair.

Nano ring extensions offer a solution to this problem with such tiny bonds, with the Nano rings being 90% smaller than micro ring hair extensions and the pre bonded hair extensions, there will be no damage to your natural hair from these type of bonds, they way they work used no heat or no hot tools to apply, it is a very simple way to put in and to remove them, yet still keeping your hair in a good condition.

Nano Rings example photo

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

As the name suggests these extensions come with a bond on one end, some companies supply hair extensions with keratin (utip extensions) where as we don’t use them, simply as some people they don’t agree with, but very good for damaged and dry hair, keratin is what you loose every day from your hair and skin, but at some stage you need to add this back into your hair to keep it looking fabulous. We advise people to give these a try if you are a picky person, and they can be hard to get out, whereas if someone was to be a picky person and play around with the bonds they could possibly pull them out, which can ruin the hair. These extensions don’t just add length, they can add volume and body to your hair, making it more manageable for you. Also with these type of hair exentions we do partial fittings, meaning you can have a few rows applied, depending on what look and what you would like to achieve, by having the partial fittings it means less management for you, and its not too many in the hair.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions example photo

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

This method is very similar to the Nano ring extensions method; in the fact the application is very similar. The difference between Nano rings and micro rings, is that the actual bond/ring is slightly bigger than the Nano rings, this means people for fine hair most likely wouldn’t have this method, you have to have a decent abundance of hair for this type of method. This is the option of giving, the extensions is attached to your hair using a metal ring, and the hair is fed through a tiny ring, then clamped in place, meaning once you have had enough of the extensions all you have to iis release the clamp and gently pull away from the ring and they loosen and come out, if you wanted to have them closer the root, due to hair growth, all you would have to do is release the bond and oush the hair further upto the root and clamp again, and it then very secure in the hair.

We do not take any hair extension bookings unless we have seen your hair and had a thorough consultation, once that is done we can order your hair and book your appointment.

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions example photo
Hair extensions
Hair extensions

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