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Kerasilk Treatment

A little about the treatment

This treatment is the keratin in-salon service that infuses natural keratin deep into the hair's cuticle. This revolutionary treatment reduces frizz and curl and instantly adds amazing shine, silkiness and improves the condition of the hair. The results are astounding. The hair is more manageable, smoother and easier to style than ever before. It is perfect on all types of hair – including colour treated and chemically processed hair!

What is the Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

It is a specially formulated revitalising and rejuvenating treatment for the hair that reduces frizz and curl. The service helps restores and restructures hair by infusing a special blend of natural keratin deep into the cuticle. The keratin is bonded into the cuticle by the heat of the flat iron to relax the hair's sub-cuticle layer.

The Goldwell Kerasilk treatment is a 2-component system, meaning that it is customised to suit your individual needs. This treatment is formulated with glyoxylic acid, liquid silk and additional keratin which then penetrates deep into the hair to create new keratin bonds and stabilise the new hair shape.

How much time should be allowed for each client?

Time should be determined on an individual basis. It is recommended that you have a face-to- face consultation to look at their hair length, type and texture. Please allow a 2-to-3-hour window for the service.

What results can be expected after the treatment?

The hair will be more manageable and take much less time to style. It will be noticeably softer and smoother, with added life and shine as well as a lengthened look. Everyone's hair is different so results will not be the same as someone else's hair.

Can hair be coloured before the treatment?

YES, With highlighted hair we recommend it to be done at least 10 days before the keratin treatment for the colour to settle in the hair, as if you have it done after it can strip some of the keratin out.

Whereas if you have permanent or semi-permanent hair colour, we recommend to have the treatment a few days after as the treatment can cause the colour to lift out slightly. The treatment will extend the life and seal the colour in, leaving it more vibrant.

Can the treatment be done on chemically treated hair, previously relaxed or straightened hair?

YES, it is recommended to wait two weeks between any chemical services and adjust iron temperature based on the hair type as listed in instructions.

Can the treatment be done on pregnant women?

No. We do not recommend it.

How many days after the treatment before the hair can get wet or be washed?

You must wait 24 hours before washing your hair or swimming.

What kind of shampoo and conditioner should be used?

Kerasilk Shampoo & Conditioner are recommended to pro long the treatment, or any sulphate free shampoo & conditioner. We recommend using the Kerasilk shampoo & condition once a week only. Overuse can lead to keratin build up which can cause the hair to break.

How often can the treatment be done?

The treatment can be done as often as every 3-5 months.

Is the re-application of the treatment done on the entire head or just on the new growth?

The re-application should be done on the entire head as the Kerasilk treatment fades out over time so you will not get any roots as it grows out.

How long will the treatment last?

The treatment lasts 3-5 months, depending on lifestyle and maintenance, provided aftercare instructions are followed.

Should the hair be cut before or after the treatment?

We recommend that the hair be cut after the treatment as the hair will have a smoother texture and will lie differently.

Will my hair be permanently straight after the treatment?

No. Your hair will still have a curl/kink to it (depending on the hair texture/density) as this is not a chemical straight service it is a smoothing, de-frizzing and de-bulking service.

The process of the kerasilk treatment:

  • After a consultation with one of our stylists you will have your hair washed with a purifying shampoo to strip out any oils or products.
  • The hair is then 80% dried.
  • Product is applied to small sections of hair and then developed for 15 minutes.
  • Once developed the stylist will start to blow-dry the product into the hair (you may see some smoke and flaking which is normal. This is due to sealing of the product and product residue).
  • Once the hair is blow-dried, the hot irons will then be used. The hair needs to be straightened 4-6 times (depending on the hair type and texture) for the product to seal in.
  • Once all the hair is dried and straightened, your hair will be washed with Kerasilk shampoo and conditioner.
  • The final stage of the treatment is to have your hair blow-dried, and sometimes we like to finish with the straighteners, but this is not essential.

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