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Wella Chemical Straightening Treatment

Information on Wella Straight

This is a texture transformation from frizzy to smooth-silky hair. This service is a great help for those with frizzy and curly hair wanting a smooth, straight look.

Please note: This is a permanent straightening treatment.

It debulks the hair, whilst giving the hair a natural shine. This can be a partial straightening service; it could be you are just wanting to straighten your fringe, sides, crown or partial sections. Price for these areas will be a quote upon consultation.

How does the treatment work?

The look is created with Wella CREATINE + straightening products.

How will my hair be after this treatment?

Everybody's hair is different, and that is expected with this treatment, it all comes down to the density and texture of your hair.

This is a permanent treatment and any regrowth will still have your natural curl but the ends remain straight.

A consultation is required before booking.

Wella Straight 1
Wella Straight 2


Client must have clean hair (previously washed and dried with no products)

  1. Your stylist will apply the Wella Straight product to hair
  2. Hair is then left to process anywhere between 15-25 minutes, timing is dependent on the hair
  3. You will be taken through to the basin to have the product rinsed for 10 minutes
  4. Then you will be taken back through to the salon chair and have your hair blowdried and straightened
  5. After that, you will have a neutraliser applied to the hair, this is what activates the straightening process
  6. Then you will have it rinsed off, hair will be conditioned and then blowdried and straightened again

Please note this is a chemical service.


  • Do not shampoo or wash your hair or get your hair wet, (eg swimming) until after 72 hours has passed
  • No putting your hair up, using clips, anything that will make a dent in the hair while its settling -72 hours
  • Condition your hair regularly

We have provided an FAQ + Information sheet on this treatment, please click here, to view or download. To enquire about prices or make an appointment, please contact us today!

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